Yearly Archives: 2009

Tough Customs: Davros

I have been planning on making this Davros minimate ever since I started making Doctor Who customs several months ago. My biggest obstacle was the base, which I did not want to sink hours into sculpting or recreating with other materials. However, in the UK you can buy 2.5″ Daleks that are motorized and even […]

The Basics of Magic Sculpt

I seem to be on a sculpting kick lately, with this being the third article in a row dealing with sculpting in one form or another. But it is also one of the hardest parts of customizing, and perhaps the largest divider between custom minimates and official minimates. Today’s post is a guest article written […]

My Visit to Aves Studio

Aves Studio creates popular sculpting products like Apoxie Sculpt, Fixit Sculpt, and Critter Clay. They are one of the first companies I contacted as I was planning which products I would carry in my toy store. I got my first of many surprises when I found out that their base of operations was less than an hour away from me, just across the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. Instead of having my first shipment delivered, I decided to drive to Aves Studio in Hudson, Wisconsin and learn more about them.

New Tutorial: How to Sculpt Hair

I added a new tutorial on how to sculpt minimate hair to the Tutorials section at the top menu. I used Wonder Girl and Kid Flash as examples, and there are plenty of work-in-progress photos. I have had several requests for a tutorial like this, and I live but to serve. Enjoy!

Current and Future Decal Kits

After months of hard work and preparation, my wife and I opened our own online toy store! We offer new minimates, exclusive minimate items, graphic novels, and customizing supplies. You can read more about the store here. And don’t worry, here at the Minimate Factory I will continue to post tutorials, reviews, and other customizing […]