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Decals and Updates!

I have a few smaller updates for you in this post, along with some cool new decals to keep you busy. The decal gallery has been updated with 33 amazing new decals from Eclipse...

New Free Decals!

It’s time for another free decal update! I have added 9 new decals to my gallery, including Silvermane pictured above, as well as some characters from Aliens, Harry Potter, and Marvel Comics. I have...

Your Most Requested Decal Has Arrived!

Every day there are at least ten emails in my inbox asking for this one certain minimate decal. You know who I am talking about. He is there, right in the front of your mind. His calm eyes are looking down into your very soul. You cannot resist his charm, and who could? Each year I hope DST will release an official minimate of this noble hero, and each year that goes by without his release tears my heart into pieces. I finally had to take matters into my own hands.