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Tough Customs: The Diva

As you might have seen, I made a set of Fifth Element customs for CustomCon 27, including Korben Dallas, Leeloo, Zorg, and Diva blah, the star of this article. She was definitely the most challenging minimate in the set, and I took some pictures of her during her creation, so I could show you exactly how she was created.

Tough Customs: Galactus

I was never happy with the original Galactus Minimates Max statue. My main problem was with his face. In the image above, the original statue is on the left, and my modified version is on the right. You can see that the face area on the original is very, very small. I can understand why DST designed him this way – this was supposed to be a large minimate, so the head should be in proportion to a standard minimate head wearing a helmet. But this ignores the fact that Galactus has a very long head, and other minimates with long heads have received special treatment, such as The Leader and Sinestro. So I came up with a plan to cut Galactus’s head in half and make him into my ideal version of the character.

Sinestro Corps Minimate Packaging Part 1

The Sinestro Corps, pictured above, is my latest set of minimate customs. You can click the image to view a much larger version with more detail. This is a commission set, and my next step is to make custom packaging for these. I didn’t really start thinking about the packaging until I had finished the customs, and then I realized this package would be one heck of a challenge!