Category: Tools of the Trade

Experimenting with Dyeing Minimates

I have wanted to experiment with dyeing Minimates for a long time now, probably ever since I saw Ivan’s Pantone display. I have been picking up different shades of dye for my 1/6 scale custom figures, so I decided it was time to try it out on Minimates. The dye I have been using is called Rit dye, and from what I have read online, it can be used to effectively dye plastic.

Comparing Inkjet Sticker Paper

Last year we experimented with several brands of inkjet sticker paper in order to find the best inkjet-based solution for Minimates. We finally settled on the our Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper that we currently carry in our store. Recently, we heard from youbastards over at MMV about another type of inkjet sticker paper that we missed the first time around – Glossy Photo Adhesive Paper by Papilio. I ordered a pack to experiment with, and here are the results.

My Christmas Present: A Photo Studio Kit!

Tonight my family celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. One of my presents was a CowboyStudio Photo Studio Light Tent Kit in a Box (and also Skyrim for the Xbox 360!). I have wanted one of these studio kits for a long time, but I never ended up buying one for myself, so it was a nice surprise. As soon as we got home, I wanted to try it out. I will let you decide if it makes a difference. πŸ™‚