Hulk No Want Puny Arms!


With every new Hulk Minimate release, collectors hope for an update that would make his arms look more in proportion to the chest and waist pieces added in recent years. Starting with Ultimate Hulk, he was even given larger hands, but his puny upper arms remained. Today I wanted to present three possibilities for DST to fix the puny arm problem. Some of these have been discussed before over at the Minimate Multiverse, but I wanted to keep this all in one place, along with some crappy diagrams that I drew on my iPod.


1. Sculpt a new arm!

This option seems to be the option that DST is most likely to pursue. They have given Shadowcat and Storm sculpted arm details, so why not Hulk? And since some of the Hulk chest pieces have sculpted pectorials, sculpting some basic arm muscles doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. Of course, DST would have to engineer the arm/chest piece combo so that it didn’t affect the articulation too badly. But I have faith that they could do it! (The drawing above shows the arm with the Ultimate Hulk hand attached.)


2. Use a slip-on piece!

If DST doesn’t want to do a new arm sculpt, they could always give us a slip-on arm piece with the sculpted muscles. My quick sketch shows the underlying arm with dashed lines (and the Ultimate Hulk hand again). This would be a great compromise for people who prefer less sculpted parts. You could have your Hulk any way you like him.


3. Go crazy and modify a 2.5″ Minimate arm!

The option that might look the best proportionally with the big chest pieces is to use an entirely new arm from top to bottom that has a thickness similar to the 2.5″ Minimates. It would be easiest if these used the same size shoulder peg. In this drawing, the large hand would be part of the arm itself, similar to how the Iron Man movie minimates have sculpted legs and boots.

Those are my top three choices for getting a better Hulk. Feel free to post any other ideas!

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  1. christopher sheldon says:

    You know, luke they make a Thing minimate with coll musly arms.