Introducing the Minimate Customizing Starter Kit – Make your own customs!

Minimate Customizing Starter Kit

I believe that just about anyone can customize Minimates, especially with newer products like our vinyl sticker paper. This kit comes with everything you will need to get started, and it even includes Minimates and stickers for you to practice with. The retail value of the items in this kit is nearly $80, but we sell it for just $54.

This kit includes:

  • Set of 16 paints by Vallejo
  • Set of 2 ultra fine tip brushes by Army Painter
  • 1/4 lb Apoxie Sculpt sculpting clay by Aves
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • 2 small utility brushes
  • Set of 4 loose Minimates
  • Vinyl sticker kit for those 4 Minimates that allows you to customize them into a ninja, zombie, secret service agent, and civilian / zombie survivor!
  • Instructions & helpful hints

These items were all specifically chosen as the best products for Minimate customizing, and they are the ones that I use on my Minimate customs. You will save over $25 by buying the kit instead of these items individually. And here at MF we have guides online for Getting Started with Minimate Customizing, and also Taking the Next Steps. We hope that you will take this first step, so you can see how cool it is to hold a custom figure that you made, and have it look like a factory-produced character!

Here are the custom Minimates that you can make with this kit (and then have the knowledge and supplies to make many more!)

Minimate Customizing Starter Kit

You can buy this kit online here: Minimate Customizing Starter Kit – Make Your Own Customs!

4 Responses

  1. James says:

    Can you offer any advice on customizing capes for minimates I wanna do a better cape for my Batman minimate

  2. Johnny Mercado says:

    Hi my name is Johnny I was wondering if you by any chance if you have any decal of predator I really would like to learn how custom minimates.

    • Luke314pi says:

      Hey Johnny, I don’t have a Predator decal since there are official Predator Minimates out right now. Check out our Tutorials section to learn more about customizing.