Introducing the Minimate Factory Custom Figure!

My first sketch for this figure dates back to early 2009, before I had even considered opening a toy store. It has been on my to-do list ever since then, but I never had a good supply of blank white minimates to use as a base for these. That all changed recently when I acquired the remaining stock of white Red Cross Minimates. I have been tweaking the design over the last few weeks, and it is finally ready for release!

I love the idea of a minimate trying to customize itself. Despite having very good articulation for a figure it’s size, I think a minimate would still do a pretty comical job of customizing itself, and I wanted this figure to reflect that. I also like the idea of things having complex inner workings, usually represented by moving gears and widgets, so I wanted that to be beneath the surface of this figure that had come to life.

The out-of-place stickers are attached to clear plastic, which is secured to the figure itself, so there is no sticky underside to get caught on things. This custom figure is now available for only $9.99 here: (EDIT: This custom is no longer available)

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4 Responses

  1. groundhog7s says:

    Very awesome Luke! I completely forgot to add one of these to my cart on my order today, but no I’ll get one eventually.

  2. Hellpop says:

    I love it! I just saw that you’re having a March sale, so I’ll have to add one with my haul.

  3. Brad says:

    LOVE IT! I just found a new wallpaper for my phone. Hope you don’t mind Luke. I’ll be ordering one very shortly.

  4. joka545 says: