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Minimate collar

Minimate Collar Template

When I was making my Black Tom custom Minimate, I picked his most well-known costume that included a v-neck top with a high collar. There have been Minimate collar pieces made in the past...

And in this corner, The Clay Extruder!

A few weeks ago I had half an hour to kill at my local craft store, so I started wandering around the store, aisle by aisle. Usually I am looking for new materials to use in dioramas, but since I currently have everything I need for my new dioramas (more info coming soon!), I thought I would explore some new customizing tools. In the clay aisle, I came across what looked like a solid metal syringe (pictured above). It’s called a clay extruder, and it’s main function is to (surprise!) extrude clay.

Review: Helping Hands

I picked up this set of Helping Hands at the hobby shop the other day for $14. It features two alligator clamps and a magnifying glass, all on adjustable arms that move in any direction. The base is pretty heavy, so it won’t move around on you. The whole thing feels very solid. Click the title to read the rest of my impressions.