A Better Way To Measure Minimates

As you probably know, I use a lot of vinyl stickers on my customs. I have templates pre-made for standard Minimate parts (which you can find here), but what about custom made parts? Or Minimate parts that I have never used stickers on before? I used to try to measure pieces with a ruler. This usually involved a lot of squinting, and fumbling around with the ruler. The stickers never came out correctly the first time, so I had to make several small adjustments.

Then one day I saw my Father-in-Law using a cool little measuring device when he was working on his car. It had a very sensitive measuring arm with a digital display. He told me it is called a digital caliper, and that they are pretty cheap online. Iā€™m sure some of you already know what a caliper is, but it was news to me. They look like this:


I picked one up on Amazon for only $9, and I absolutely love it. I am working on a big batch of customs right now that have some new parts and some custom built parts, and the caliper has been working perfectly for measuring and creating new decals. In fact, I think my old decal templates are in need of an upgrade. Look for that soon!

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  1. Hellpop says:

    That sounds like great news!