A Custom Hulkbuster Army

Shawn Goff has been posting these awesome Hulkbuster Minimate customs online for about a year now. Not only are they well painted and constructed, but they are incredibly creative. I felt like these amazing customs needed to be spotlighted here on Minimate Factory.

Shawn runs a website called Minimate Addicts with a blog that he updates regularly. Each time he posts a new custom, he describes his thought process, the parts he used, and the customizing techniques that he used. There is a lot of good information there, and I suggest you check it out for yourselves, but I wanted to share the customizing tips from his site that I found the most beneficial:

  • Patricia Nimocks Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer from Wal-Mart works great as a matte-finish clear coat
  • You can create your own stencils by printing designs on labels, cutting them out, using them on Minimates, and peeling them off when you are finished
  • Craft foam rubber can be used for adding onto existing Minimates and repainting
  • White styrene can be cut and glued onto Minimates for details like Captain America’s wings on his mask
  • Painters Opaque Paint Markers (also from Wal-Mart) work well for painting smaller details

My favorite Hulkbuster custom of his is the Octo-Armor Hulkbuster Custom:

Octo-Armor Hulkbuster Custom

It isn’t his most complex custom, but I love the way it looks, and how he kept the metal arms swappable. Here is the full set of Hulkbuster customs:

Hulkbuster Custom Minimates

You can check out all of Shawn’s customs (including the non-Hulkbuster ones) at his website: Minimate Addicts

Keep up the great work, Shawn!

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