Alternate Zombie Builds

Walking Dead Series 1 Minimates arrived, and they are even better in person than in photos. For anyone looking to add more zombies to their collection, I made a few new zombie builds using parts from the 3 non-variant 2-packs in the series, and the Maximum Zombies Biker & Surgeon Minimates. Here is a picture of the standard zombies with no modifications for comparison (click to enlarge):

Some of these zombies come with extra arms, and I also used parts from Rick Grimes and Dale. Here are the new builds:

Hiker Zombie

Rocker Zombie

Biker Chick Zombie

Cop Zombie

“It’s Just a Flesh Wound” Zombie


And these are just a few examples. You can mix and match parts from almost any Minimates, and soon we will have Series 2 to add to the mix!

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  1. January 1, 2013

    […] Walking Dead Series 1 arrived, I made a post showing some alternate zombie builds you could make. Now that Series 2  has arrived, along with the Amazon Exclusive 4-pack, it’s […]