Battle Beasts Alternate Builds

Last week we received the amazing Battle Beasts Series 1 Minimates. I had so much fun making the Walking Dead alternate builds, that I decided to do the same for Battle Beasts. This was more of a challenge, because the beasts have unique bodies that are highly tailored towards a particular animal. Here is what I came up with:




This iguana beast uses parts from the comic Lizard and Vorin, with the snake’s weapons. I grabbed some yellow legs out of my parts bin. I couldn’t find my movie Lizard, but he could work as well.




This beast obviously uses parts from The Brood, along with the spider’s armor and hip piece. Anglerfish are carnivorous fish with a giant mouth full of little sharp teeth, and little “feelers” all along their body.




This beast combines Kuma from Street Fighter X Tekken with Gruntos. Some people mentioned putting Kuma’s parts on Vorin, but I like this combination bettter. I actually liked it so much that I kept an extra Gruntos set for myself just so I could keep this build. I might repaint his armor to set him apart.

With Sauron being included in Marvel Minimates Series 51, I could see him being combined with Merk the Falcon for another cool beast. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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1 Response

  1. Hellpop says:

    The bear looks great. I was planning on picking up an extra of him to make a BB, and you’ve given us a cool formula to follow.