BrickArms Blade Pack Review

I am a big fan of all the cool weapons and accessories that BrickArms creates. I had high hopes for their Blade Pack which was released last year, and it did not disappoint. The pack includes their 5 blade weapons, the Combat Knife, Machete, Rapier, Dadao, and Damien Blade, in 4 different colors: silver, dark gray, gunmetal, and black. This adds up to a total of 20 weapons, which gives you a ton of options for display.


The quality of the weapons is very high, and they feel just like lego weapons. There are no tooling marks or obtrusive mold seams to be found. The plastic is very strong, and the only sword with a risk of breaking is the thin blade on the Rapier, and that is only if you bend it more than 45°. To make these weapons, BrickArms actually uses an injection molding machine to inject hot ABS plastic (the same plastic used by lego) into the weapon molds with over 90 tons of pressure.


The weapons are designed for lego figures, so the handles are too large for minimates, and need to be trimmed. To do this, I set my hobby knife along the bottom of the sword’s hilt, and I start cutting into the plastic about 1/16” vertically. I keep cutting upwards until I meet the hilt and the piece either falls off neatly, or needs a little horizontal cut to make it come off. I do the same thing on the other side of the sword. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it the right size for a minimate hand. And sometimes you will leave little white scuffs on the plastic, but these are almost always covered up by the minimate hand. Here is a diagram of this:

In the photos in this post, I tried to pick out existing minimates that would really benefit from these weapons. However, I am mostly interested in them for customs. Just think of the countless sword-wielding characters from comics, movies, and television shows that we don’t have in minimate form! The knives can also be trimmed and modified for specific weapons, like Shatterstar’s sword, which I did not originally make from BrickArms weapons, but if I were to remake him, I definitely would! Also don’t be shy about adding some blood on the blade for certain characters, like I did with Jason Voorhees (also not originally a BrickArms weapon).


Overall I think the Dadao is the most difficult sword to find a use for. It seemed to work alright for Kraven (pictured below), but the Machete would probably be a better fit for him. Perhaps a Prince of Persia custom?


The next time you need to track down a sword or a knife for a minimate, why not give them a shot? I am very glad that I did.

Our next update brings a ton of new free decals! Stay tuned!

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