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Case Study: Mr. Monster

Earlier this Spring, I received a commission order for two Mr. Monster minimates, a monster-fighting hero created by Michael Gilbert. The order was very specific that these two minimates had to be identical. This...

Decal Updates

In case you haven’t noticed, site updates have been coming weekly now instead of bi-weekly. Now that I have two kids under three years old, my free time seems to slip away quickly. I expect it to stay weekly for at least the next few months. This means that some posts will cover multiple topics, like this one.

The first thing I wanted to mention is that I changed the terms of use for all the decals available on this site. Everything is now under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license. This means you are not allowed to sell minimates that use these decals. I had always intended for these decals to be for personal use, but now its official.

And speaking of decals, I updated my gallery with some of my recent Dr. Who decals, including the menacing Cyberman at the top of this post! I have other Dr. Who customs in the works as we speak, and I will update the decal gallery with new decals as they are finished.

Finally, CustomCon 22 is now live! There have not been any minimates posted yet, but I am sure we will see some in the next few days. I have a minimate 4-pack in the mix that I am really excited to see on display. New customs will be posted each day here.

Thanks for reading!

More Site Updates

Another decal artist is on board! Bob Harris has donated two excellent Watchmen decals for you to create your own Comedian and Doctor Manhatten. You can find these decals under his gallery in the Decals section. Lee also sent me his Mythbusters decals, which I have added to his gallery. The galleries are growing at a very nice pace!

One more addition to the site is the Painting Guide under the Tutorials section. Longtime readers will recognize this as a collection of previous posts. However, I realized that finding “the basics” might be hard for new readers, since they have not been following this site since its inception. If anyone you know ever takes that first step and asks how to start making their own minimates, you can point them to that guide.

New Decal Galleries Added

I have been working on a new decal inventory system for the Factory for the last few weeks, and it is finally finished. Now each artist can have their own gallery with individual decals for you to download. This means you can arrange and print your own decal sheets now instead of using the pre-made sheets. It also means that artists can send me one or two decals to add to a gallery instead of worrying about creating an entire sheet. To see the new decal galleries, click on the Decals tab on the top menu.

Free Accessory Template Released!

After making several minimates with skirts or dresses, I made a pattern for myself to follow. Without the pattern, it would take me several tries to get the angle and size just right for folding around the minimate body. It occured to me that other people might benefit from this pattern, so I created a sheet with these two patterns, as well as a few others. Simply print this sheet on plain white paper, and put it underneath a sheet of thick plastic, such as minimate packaging. Use a sharpie to trace the outlines, cut it out with a hobby knife or scissors, and then fold it at the lines.