Category: Decals

Decal Pack #3 Released!

Decal Pack #3 is ready for you to print in the Downloads section at the top of the screen. Among other things, it includes the Hellfire Club goons pictured above. I recommend using those...

Face Decal Video

I created a short video on how to apply those tricky face decals. I noticed later that my decal ended up a little too high on the face, but it gets the point across. 🙂

Two Free Decal Packs!

The Downloads section of this site is now live and desperately waiting to be clicked in the top menu bar. There you will find two new decal packs with enough decals to create 17 new minimates. I would also like to ask for submissions from other decal artists out there. Winkerbean has already offered his designs, and the decal pack from Minimate Headquarters is already on the Downloads page. Together we can make this an incredible resource for the minimate community.

Playing With Decals

Up until this week I have always hand-painted and drawn all of the details on my customs. But a generous donor sent me some waterslide decal paper to play around with. I have spent a few days getting used to the process, and it has given me all sorts of new ideas for customs. Hit the jump to see a few of my first tests.