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Customizer Advantages

Back when I was working on my Watcher minimate, an interesting thought popped into my head. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something like “I’ll bet DST wishes they could make a Watcher minimate like this.” Because while DST is limited to the 2″ size (plus a little height for accessories), I was free to make a 2.5″ minimate with a 3″ minimate head. The Watcher simply wouldn’t be the Watcher without a giant head. This train of thoughts continued on to other areas in which customizers have an advantage over official minimates.

As customizers, we usually try to copy the official product. But there are areas in which we can surpass official minimates by stepping outside of the restrictions that DST faces. Realizing this can help you in many ways. Click the title to read a few examples of what I mean.

Levels of Detail

Since the first Marvel minimates were released, we have seen the detail level of the tampos steadily increase. For example, compare the relatively simple Spider-Man from wave 2 with the Classic Spider-Man from wave 24. Besides the obvious addition of chest and leg muscles, the number of webs on his costume has also increased. Some people believe this level of detail is too high, and creates a visual separation between earlier minimates and recent ones. This argument also comes into play when you are making custom minimates. How much detail should you add? Do you want your customs to blend in with earlier waves of minimates, or recent waves? And will minimates continue to become more detailed, thereby making your customs too simple? Click the title for an in-depth discussion with examples.

Custom Minimates VS Official Minimates Part 1

When I was looking at the recent minimate unveilings at Toy Fair, I couldn’t help but think about some of the customs I have made of these very same new characters. I made a list of my customs that have had official releases later, and I came up with 24 minimates. I thought it would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparrison of each of these. Ivan gave me permission to use some images from the Minimate Database, and the rest I borrowed from the Toy Fair reporters. I put them in order of my most recent customs first, down to my oldest customs. I am splitting this into 2 posts due to the large amount of content.

Possible Customs from Upcoming Waves

Its that time again. New minimates have been shown, and my head is spinning at the possibilities. Click the title to read about a few customs that are possible with parts from upcoming minimates, including a photoshop rendering of a Battle Damaged Sandman.