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Sinestro Corps Minimate Packaging Part 1

The Sinestro Corps, pictured above, is my latest set of minimate customs. You can click the image to view a much larger version with more detail. This is a commission set, and my next step is to make custom packaging for these. I didn’t really start thinking about the packaging until I had finished the customs, and then I realized this package would be one heck of a challenge!

Tough Customs: Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is a classic Dr. Who alien from the episodes Curse of Peladon and Monster of Peladon. Although it had a female voice, Alpha was neither male nor female – it was a hermaphrodite hexapod according to the Doctor. Either way, it was going to make for a challenging minimate custom!

Tough Customs: Davros

I have been planning on making this Davros minimate ever since I started making Doctor Who customs several months ago. My biggest obstacle was the base, which I did not want to sink hours...