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Custom Minimates VS Official Minimates Part 1

When I was looking at the recent minimate unveilings at Toy Fair, I couldn’t help but think about some of the customs I have made of these very same new characters. I made a list of my customs that have had official releases later, and I came up with 24 minimates. I thought it would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparrison of each of these. Ivan gave me permission to use some images from the Minimate Database, and the rest I borrowed from the Toy Fair reporters. I put them in order of my most recent customs first, down to my oldest customs. I am splitting this into 2 posts due to the large amount of content.

Review: Paint Remover Wipes

My friend recommended I try these Scrubs Paint Remover wipes on minimate customs. I picked up a set here when I was ordering some other items. They arrived last night, and I tested them on a Samwise Gamgee mate. Click the title to read the results.

Tips and Tricks

I have been making a list of tips and tricks that I have come across since I started this blog last year. Some have come from readers like you, while others have come while working on new minimate projects. Now that i have this list posted, I can tear the page out of my notebook and start on a new list of tips and tricks that will be posted a few months down the road just like this one. Click the title to see the list.

Free Accessory Template Released!

After making several minimates with skirts or dresses, I made a pattern for myself to follow. Without the pattern, it would take me several tries to get the angle and size just right for folding around the minimate body. It occured to me that other people might benefit from this pattern, so I created a sheet with these two patterns, as well as a few others. Simply print this sheet on plain white paper, and put it underneath a sheet of thick plastic, such as minimate packaging. Use a sharpie to trace the outlines, cut it out with a hobby knife or scissors, and then fold it at the lines.

Minimates of CustomCon Past

I know you are all working hard on your Black & White Contest entries, but don’t forget that CustomCon is right around the corner! I thought I would take a brief look back at some of the amazing minimate entries that have been submitted to previous CustomCon events. Click the title to see the list.