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Review: Helping Hands

I picked up this set of Helping Hands at the hobby shop the other day for $14. It features two alligator clamps and a magnifying glass, all on adjustable arms that move in any direction. The base is pretty heavy, so it won’t move around on you. The whole thing feels very solid. Click the title to read the rest of my impressions.

6 Suggestions on Doing Commission Work

If you start getting good at making customs, and you make popular characters, its going to happen eventually: You will be asked if you do commissions. How do you respond? What process do you follow? How much do you charge? I wanted to share a few things I have learned from doing commission work for eight years.

Online Resources for Characters and Costumes

Whenever I start on a new custom, the first thing I do is find a few good pieces of source art online. I arrange them together on a single page and print them out in color. I keep these sheets onhand while I am working on the custom. These are the sites I use to find source art and costume references.