Creating a Minimate Comic Part 1

I recently released a free comic book called ProtoPlanet: Attack of the Borloth that used Minimate photography as a basis for all of the artwork. I am currently working on the 2nd issue, and this time around I thought I would share more of the process as I went along. Let’s begin with a shot of the set-up I was using a few days ago when I was taking some new pictures for the comic (click any image for a larger view):

The giant boulder is plastic and hollow, and is normally used for a lawn decoration. I have 4 of these in different shapes and patterns that I use for shooting the underground scenes in ProtoPlanet. I am able to flip and rotate them to capture different views. Those tiny specks in the middle are my Kaim and Pyx minimates, which will give you an idea of the size of these rocks. I have 4 different desk lamps of various intensity that I use and move around as needed. Not pictured is my tripod, which I couldn’t find when this scene was shot. Here is one of the shots from this scene, and the first one from issue #2 that I am releasing:

In this scene, Kaim is explaining something important to Pyx. It certainly works as a photo, and originally I was going to do the comic using only photos, but the sci-fi special effects looked out of place. Also I wanted it to have more of a comic book feel to it. So here is the same image after running it through a few Photoshop filters and touching up a few things (like the straps on top of Kaim’s chest block, which I forgot to paint):

Part 2 in this series will show the construction of the inside of the team’s space ship – the Lamprey! 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Engineernerd says:

    I’ve been looking in the aquarium aisles lately at the pet store. There’s some stuff there that would makes some nice backgrounds. Broken Temples, Bridges, and such. Cool stuff!