Custom Minimates VS Official Minimates Part 2

The first part of my Custom Minimate VS Official Minimates entry looked at some of my recent customs. Today we are going back in time to some of my first minimate customs, and looking at the official minimates that came later. Most of these customs are at least four years old, so be gentle. 😉

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13. Scarlet Witch

My version of Wanda reminds me of her earlier days at Magneto’s side, or perhaps I just caught her on a day where she got up on the wrong side of the bed. Either way, she looks grumpy!

14. Movie Wolverine

There are some minor costume differences, as mine was based on the first X-Men movie, while the official one is from X3. I like the contract of black and orange on my custom. I also like how the shiny black looks more like leather than the official one. If I had to redo this custom I would probably use the same colors, although using decals instead of paints.

15. Hawkeye

I think the chest piece on the official Hawkeye makes him look a tad too bulky. I also like how mine is smirking. It seems like a more appropriate expression for him. Otherwise the official one has some great detail and sculpted parts. I did retire mine when the official one was released.

16. Apocalypse

Does anyone here remember the old Toy Biz 5″ Marvel figures? The first or second wave had a cool Apocalypse figure in it that would stretch out to be taller. I thought it was one of the greatest figures ever. Then a few years later they made a new Apocalypse that blew the old one away. It had a more modern look (90’s instead of 80’s) and was much more detailed. I still kept the old one, but I much preferred the new one. Same story here…

17. Bishop

Despite being an older custom, I have to humbly declare a victory here. My Bishop has the more classic look with the red scarf. I probably should have made one from a slightly earlier period when he still had his big mop of curly hair.

18. Quicksilver

I think DST should have used a different hair piece for the official mate, but otherwise he is superior to mine in every way.

19. Super Skrull

Ouch, that’s two in a row that I lost.

20. Vision

Make that three in a row. Although it is nice that mine is solid, and not half-phasing.

21. Kraven

I like the detail on the official mate, but I like how mine has an open vest. I fixed this on my version of the official mate, but I kept my old one around still. It is one of my favorite older customs.

22. Red Skull

I spent a long time on the chest of this custom, working with a little ruler and a sharpie to get the lines perfect. It was also a pain in the butt to sand down the Thing head piece until it looked just right. I am still proud of this custom, and I will keep it around once I get the official one. The upcoming Red Skull definitely has a superior face, and I love the interchangable chest pieces.

23. Iceman

Although mine is not as detailed, I prefer it to the official one in many ways. Like Hawkeye, I think a playful expression is more appropriate for Bobby. Plus mine has an ice sled. Instant victory there. 🙂

24. Ultron

Ah, my very first minimate custom. At the time I was much more into custom Marvel Legends and horror figures than minimates. I had been making those types of figures since the summer of 2000, and it is a different type of customizing than minimates. But as soon as I finished Ultron I was hooked. For one thing, he only took an hour or two to make, where a Marvel Legends custom could easily take over 10 hours. Also the common scale and style made it very easy for custom minimates to blend in with official ones. I only made a few more custom Marvel Legends after this, and no more horror or Simpsons customs. And now I have made over 300 minimate customs total, counting duplicates. Like they say on MMV, its plastic crack.

I have my Ultron at the front of my villains shelf, while the official Ultron is at the back. I think the official one is an amazing minimate, but my first custom will always be special.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. Soon I will be starting on a tutorial on making decals in Photoshop instead of Illustrator. And as usual I am working on other features and reviews as well. Good luck with all of your customs!

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4 Responses

  1. Hellpop says:

    One thing I notice is that a lot of these early customs are going up against latter-day Minimates, which almost seems unfair. For example, your Quicksilver Minimate may seem to be lacking in detail against the official version, but it certainly wouldn’t have looked out of place next to, say, the Green Goblin. You can hardly be faulted for failing to anticipate the amount of detail Minimates would achieve! That being said, your originals hold up pretty well.

  2. Bob Harris says:

    I declare you the winner, Luke. After round one’s tie, you win this round by one point 🙂 Your Hawkeye alone would win that round, because he is exactly the way I wanted the official one to be. (I don’t like that bulky chestpiece he got and the mask and facial expression don’t fit either.) Your Bishop’s scarf is brilliant as well! That’s what he needs, besides the white eyes! Your Iceman wins in my eyes, not because of the ice sled, but because you used white instead blue colors for the outlines. That gives him an even icyer look. The only clear official winner in my eyes is Apocalypse – even when his arm-strips suck, as I recently read in the MMMV – which is a near perfect minimate.
    Anyways, thanks for the comparison and kudos to your skills! 😉

  3. Shamrock says:

    Like Hellpop said, a lot of these customs were made before every Minimate was covered in details.
    And owning one of your Ultrons, I can say that they’re really amazing.

  4. JG96 says:

    I love your customized Wolverine(Movie),your Hawkeye, and Iceman. I wouldve bought those if they were on shelves.