Quick Decal Update

Ultimate Giant Man

Today’s update will be a quick one, as I am hard at work on my Gruesome Ghosts Decal Kit. I have been revealing a new ghost each day on my Facebook page. I will have a larger Minimate Factory update next week.

I added six new decals to my free decal gallery, including the Ultimate Giant Man decal seen above. You can find this gallery under the Decals button in the top menu. The other new decals include all of the characters from my Matrix Box Set, and Baroness from GI Joe, by popular request. 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Captain Minimate says:

    Is the Giant Man specifically for 3-inchers? Can it be printed on a 2-inch guy?

  2. Luke314pi says:

    It is scaled for a 3″ minimate, but you could definitely scale it down and use it on a 2″ one.