Decals and Updates!

Abe Sapien 2

I have a few smaller updates for you in this post, along with some cool new decals to keep you busy.

  • The decal gallery has been updated with 33 amazing new decals from Eclipse over at MMV (including the Abe Sapien decal pictured at left!). He has his own decal gallery now here at the Factory, and I’m sure he will continue to contribute some great designs.
  • I am hosting a chat dedicated to minimate customizing tomorrow (Thursday October 7th) starting at 7:00PM CST. The chat will be hosted at MMV, and you can check out all the details here. I hope you can make it! (EDIT: The chat was a lot of fun, and we will do another one soon!)
  • The second part of the Creating a Custom Minimate From Start to Finish video is coming soon. Videos are more difficult to squeeze into my schedule, but I really want to finish that Awesome Android for my collection!

I will post a recap of the chat next week. I’m sure we will get some great new tips and tricks from it!

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