Video: Displaying Your Minimates

The possibilities for displaying your minimates are pretty much endless, and everyone has their own preferences. Today I am going to show you one possible solution. After months of working on my new minimate shelves, I am finally ready to show them off. I also wanted to wait until Galactus was finished. 😉

In the future I will look at other display options and show you what some other collectors have done. In the meantime, enjoy this video!

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12 Responses

  1. NorthRaider says:

    I don’t know why, but something about your display makes me smile 🙂

    Ace work as usual Luke!

  2. NorthRaider says:

    I don’t know why, but something about your display makes me smile 🙂

    Ace work as usual Luke! Good luck with the inevitable shelf extensions 😛

  3. Jeff says:

    Holy Cow! That’s great! And convenient! I remember my shelf of Marvel Legends and the horrible day they all fell like dominos…shudder. Thanks for another awesome video…can we expect a ‘how to’ start to finish minimate video soon? (:

  4. DL says:

    “…talking aboot…” I had no idea you were Canadian!

    Ha, but really though, nice display. Everything looks really great, I’m really jealous now.

  5. Hellpop says:

    Nice! Very clever. I’ve got a toddler in the house, so displaying a collection of 2″ guys with several chokeable parts isn’t really an option right now. But I don’t think I ever would, anyway, because I have them all in some utility tackle boxes that I’ve gotten at Wal-Mart and sporting goods stores. They’re like the carrying cases they used to make when we were kids, and they work really well for Minimates, and I like that I can group them together by category (one box has Avengers, one Batman characters, one for the X-Men, ect). It’s much easier to pull them out to play with or cannibalize for parts.

    I’d forgotten how much I want that Starro… sigh.

  6. Kyle Osterhoudt says:

    Thats awesome!! just one question, how did you get that minimate secret wars poster?!

    • Luke314pi says:

      If you go to this page on the Art Asylum web site, click the poster, and then right click it and save the image, you will get a pretty large version of the poster that can be printed at a decent size.

  7. onslaught says:

    one question, where do you keep extra accessories for minimates like 1st Avengers ant man/giant man?

  8. kidninja says:

    awsome display but where did you get your minmate max sentinel i like to buy one of those cant find it anywhere do you now where to buy one

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