Dream Tools

New technology is always expensive. Over time, the prices drop, and eventually they fall into the range of prices that consumers can afford. There are two pieces of technology out there that will be very useful for minimate customizers once the price comes down.

High Powered Lasers

We have all seen or used a laser pointer before. But new laser technology is available in a handheld format that is extremely powerful. These green lasers can seal wounds shut and burn skin. They have a range of over 50 miles. Unfortunately they are also over $400. But imagine if they were only $10 instead (and you would obviously need to be 18 to buy one). You could sculpt a part for a minimate out of super sculpey, and just swipe the laser over it to cure it. No more problems with loose joints from boiling water or soft parts from baking in the oven. Got a stuck paint jar? Just run the laser around the outside to loosen up that dried paint. And you could make some really cool battle-damaged effects on armored minimates.

3D Printers

Did you know that 3D printers are as cheap today as laser printers were in 1985? The cheapest model is currently around the $10,000 mark, but they are getting cheaper every year. Imagine being able to design a new chestpiece for your minimates on your computer, and have your printer create it for you in minutes? Some of these printers can use different colored plastics as well, making the painting job easier. You could send the design files to your friends, who could then “print” their own new chestpiece. Its hard to say when these will come down to a reasonable price, but the possibilities boggle the mind. The first thing I would attempt would be an articulated minimates max figure.

So what would you make with a 3D printer?

I also wanted to mention an update here to one of my previous posts. I used the decals donated by Minimate Headquarters to make a Tombstone minimate, and I updated that post with a pic of him.

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4 Responses

  1. bilbofett says:

    definitely hair pieces i.e. Medusa(Inhumans). Maybe some animal head sculpts(ala daggit) for Lockjaw, Ace the Bat hound, etc.

  2. winkerbean says:

    i’ve used a 3d printer in work to make a red minimate chest piece and trust me the size of the bit of plastic + the time it took to programme the bloody thing i could have gone to my lcs and bought a 2-pack with some guy thats got a red chest far easier and ALOT cheaper!

    those laser pen’s are cool i wonder if you could tinker with it to make a working laser gun…!

  3. Captain Minimate says:

    This is a cool thing to try, but its very science-y, I find it hard to understand! 😛


    I looove the laser thing, though. Originally I liked the 3D Printer, but after what Winkerbean just said, it kinda turned me down 🙁

  4. Luke314pi says:

    Thanks winkerbean, it sounds like the technology will have to improve a little before it will work for minimate parts.