Guest Post: Building a Better Minimate

Today I have a quick WIP picture to share with you, and then I am going to hand the reigns over to brobotc from Minimate Multiverse. So what is the WIP exactly? Well, I won’t say exactly what I am doing yet, but you can probably guess by looking at the picture:


Check back in a few weeks for an update on this mysterious project! And now for your guest post:

Hello, this is brobotc from MMV and I would like to introduce a new segment I would like to call “Building A Better Minimate”. This article is about remaking original detail-impaired Minimates (such as the rock minimates and CTHD Minimates). If any of you Minimate collectors have seen the amount of detail on the rock or CTHD Minimates compared to modern Minimates, faces on the old 3-inchers had very few curves or additional details. So I would like to remake Powerslave Eddie down to a 2-inch scale with a removable mask to reveal Eddie’s face, which will have loads of detail compared to the original. So let’s get started!


First you will need:

– Source art of the original Minimate

– Source art of the character

– 2-inch Minimate

– Painting tools

Super glue

– And the right amount of time

First you should look at the original source to remake your Minimate, so you can say “oh the Minimate is missing what the real concept has such as…..”, this is where a good eye for detail comes in handy. Take note of what is wrong with the Minimate so you won’t make it look like the old one. For example, the real Powerslave Eddie has a old decrepit look is, and all the detail the official Minimate had was just his eyes and mouth, and some thing I learned is for an old/dead/scary Minimate is never just paint a mouth and eyes! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to add all of the gristly details. Here is the original 3-inch Minimate for reference:


Now it’s time to move on to the painting! So what I have is:
– 2 golden bracelets with chains on it
– a normal 2inch Minimate
– a carefully cut Minimate mask
– and the Minimate body
First I carefully cut the mask of PS Eddie. Then I paint it a flesh tone color and leave it to dry.
Customizing tip: I use a sand man base to put my Minimates ready to dry on, you should try this, it really helps!

eddie 001
Back on track, now that the mask is done, I put mummy wraps on it with a nice tan/orange color. Now I start on the head which I just have to paint a darker flesh color. Then when that’s dry, I paint the detail on his face, and now I let it dry. But now I must introduce you to the super glue method: when you have a Minimate with a slip on mask, but with a custom face, put super glue on the head CAREFULLY! Make one mistake and the project could go really wrong. I wanted a removable mask on Eddie so he can have a nice detailed face, so I put super glue on the head after I finished painting it. It is really important to do this after, because if you do it before, the paint will scratch off. To do this, you should have brush on super glue, which would really help the super glue method.

Next, I started to paint the bracelets he has gold, and when I was done, I put it down to let it dry. So now I started painted the chest fleshtone. I decided not to put a spare chest piece on the Minimate because I think all the old 3inchers had un-necessary parts. So while I wait for the chest piece to dry, I paint the arms and legs. When you have a lot of the same color pieces drying at once, just kick back or get a snack, or you could check your source material to make sure nothing’s going wrong. Now that everything is done, apply all the necessary detail.

eddie 004

After you’ve applied all the necessary detail, put the entire Minimate together. Do you like it? If not, then you can always change it. Just figure out what you don’t like about it and start from there. But for now here is my finished product of Powerslave Eddie. I hope this has helped you!

eddie 003

eddie 002


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9 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    The first one is much better, IMO The mummy wraps don’t look like wraps at all.

  2. Mate Monger says:

    I have to agree with the Anon post above. While I like the details on the newer Minimates I do not feel that the old 3 inch ones need to be updated. As stated above the wraps don’t look like wraps and for some reason they are really orange, the original had additional pieces on the mate so that you know exactly what you are looking at. For all of the detail that you tried adding to the face all you succeed in doing is muddling your composition so badly that it is barely recognizable as a face of anything let alone the iconic mascot of a world renowned band. There is a charming feeling to the old 3 inch Minimates and I think that some of that has to do with the simplicity of them there is no greater example of this than the Bruce Lee Minimates. Those have very little detail but are instantly recognizable as Bruce Lee. Sorry if I am coming off as jerk it’s just my two cents.

  3. brobotc says:

    wow,you guys wont even pretend to like it?i mean its not something you go around posting when someone feels so good about a project you dont go ahead and screw it up.but whatever its your 2 cents.

  4. Mate Monger says:

    Sorry. My criticism is constructive though. It’s not as though I merely said ‘That sucks’. Would you really prefer blind allegiance? If so you will never grow as an artist. You can’t expect everyone to like everything.

    • Luke314pi says:

      I think the important thing to take away from the article is that brobotc is happy with his minimate remake, and there may be minimates in any of our collections that we are unhappy with, and this could be fixed in a few simple steps. I am currently considering building a better Elektra, since I have never been happy with the original minimate, just like brobotc was not happy with his Powerslave Eddie.

  5. SSPig says:

    That’s good, but I prefer the original version. Again, not bad. 🙂

  6. Elserge says:

    l think its a neat idea, i would love to make a new bruce lee, since ill never be able to afford one. love ur sandman idea! the minimate came out okay,not as good as the original but you sure took advantage of your materials, which is great, an artist works with what he gots. but i do recommend u pay attention to the critiques, itll help u improve.

  7. Rheul says:

    Not bad… I like the original but its still a good job. I never really understood why they made the Powerslave Eddie anyway when ‘Number of the Beast’ or ‘Somewhere in Time’ Eddie are much more visually interesting.

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