How to Pick Out Minimate Parts

Hey guys, here is a special guest article by Dylan Croston on how to pick out Minimate parts for customs. You can see his Minimate pics and customs on his Instagram account here. Take it away, Dylan!

One of the greatest qualities of Minimates are their parts and how easy it is to swap them out.  With almost 20 years worth of Minimates out there, there are so many different parts to choose from and they just keep getting better year after year.  It’s great when we get official releases of characters that we all love, but some of the greatest joy comes from making your own customs which in some cases can turn out better than the official releases.

All of us have at one time made a custom Minimate which can range from a “kitbash” of different parts, a fully sculpted new creation with full paint, or something in between.  Whatever your style or comfort level is, it doesn’t matter.  We all start at the same spot: find inspiration in a single Minimate part.  The question is how does one start?  How does one pick out the right part?

Chances are you have quite a few Minimates that are sitting around to be turned into customs.  I know I do!  I keep track of them in plastic storage drawers.  There are many different styles and sizes of these out there that can work for any size collection.  Some drawers I have full of different Mates waiting to be taken apart, but others I have organized specifically for heads, hair pieces, bodies, legs, arms, and accessories.

One of my methods for how I pick out my pieces is I go through all my drawers until I see a part and it hits me that this one would be perfect for the character that I want to make.  Also, sometimes I find other pieces for future characters as well.

Another method is going to  I am on this website all the time and it is great to see all the Minimates that have been produced.  There are tags on every Minimate so it’s great when you are looking for the perfect cape, or a face with a beard.  You can see all the ones that have those and some others that you might not have thought of.

Once I have my pieces picked out, I like to keep them all together so I do not accidentally use them for another character.  Tiny ziplock bags are great for this; as well as trays if you have many parts that are going to be used for several customs.

Lastly, I like to keep an Excel spreadsheet with the name of the custom and the parts that I used.  I personally keep this very specific with what was used, if I repainted the parts, modified them, created new parts, etc.  This helps me remember what I used so I am not going through all my drawers and containers looking for something that isn’t there.

Overall, Minimates are so much fun to create new characters and mix parts.  My advice is to find the method that works best for you and to be creative.  I am constantly changing my customs as I find parts that will better suit the character that I made.  It is going to happen to all of you, and don’t be afraid to try something different.  The sky is the limit with Minimate parts.

How do you pick out your parts?

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