Lego Conversions

Legos have great potential for minimate use. I’m sure I have only scratched the surface of the possibilities, but I wanted to share a few things that have worked for me.

The Green Goblin Glider pictured above is made completely of legos superglued together. The head is from a lego bat, and the wings are from a dragon. Even the clear pieces are lego windows. Although, if I were to re-make this custom today I would probably use one of the Invaders Human Torch stands instead of the clear lego base.

One problem with supergluing legos is that the plastic is very resiliant to the glue. You have to scratch both sides of the plastic from multiple angles with a hobby knife before attempting to glue legos together.

Lego swords and guns can be modified to fit minimate hands. Simply shave down the handles with a hobby knife or on a belt sander. If you are customizing a 3″ minimate, the lego weapons will be a perfect fit without any modifications, like the sword on my Surtur custom.

The lego antenna pictured above is the exact size needed for a 2″ minimate hand. I cut these down and use them for a variety of weapons, like Odin’s spear. Sometimes I will also use these thinner legos inside of sculpted pieces to strengthen them.

I recently had to move some of my minimates to a shelf that is prone to being bumped. After having my minimates knocked down a dozen times, I started looking for a new solution. I went through my lego bin and found one of these tiles. It is smooth for 3/4 of the surface, and then it has one row of pegs. It makes an awesome stand. I ordered a ton of them from to use for my entire collection.

BrickLink is a place for people to buy and sell lego parts. I got 300 of the tiles above for 9¢ each. I also ordered a dozen antennas, a few swords, and some other stuff I thought would be useful. If you need any lego parts, that is the place to go.

I have seen customizers bulking up their Hulkbuster Iron Man minimates with lego pieces and adding new tentacles to Doc Ock. Some people are making some amazing displays for their minimates, like city scenes and Iron Man’s Hall of Armor. I don’t have the space for this, but I love seeing what other people come up with. So what else are you using legos for?

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2 Responses

  1. Minimaniac says:

    Recently I bought the tumbler batmobile from Lego Batman and it can fit a minimate with no effort. It makes a great set if anyone tries out doing a custom movie batman minimate. I am looking foward to buying the other batmobile from the lego series. Has anyone checked if it also fits 2″ minimates inside it?

  2. Tony (Green Arrow fan) says:

    I recently made a green arrow minimate smallville style. to get the bot i took a light saber hilt, added a green alien arm to each end, shaved the handle a bit, and tied black string to the top tips of the arms and the result was awesome! I will soon (Hopefully once i fix my scanner) post pics on Myprofile is burtonite1994 by the way