Merry Christmas!

I am having a great Christmas so far (especially since my MMV Secret Santa surprised me with 9 custom minimates!) and I hope you are having a good one too! This was a crazy year for me, as my wife is back in school full time, my kids are growing up, and the toy store is slowly growing. I didn’t have as much time for customizing this year as I did in the years prior, but I had a lot of fun making the customs that I was able to make. I have a lot of customs lined up for the next few months. For commissions, I am making some DC, Harry Potter, GI Joe, and Pirates of the Caribbean. For myself (in addition to making doubles of any of the cool customs in the previous list) I am going to make more Doctor Who and Age of Apocalypse minimates. I have a few new tools and techniques that I am excited to try and tell you all about.

I was going to make a Christmas-themed minimate custom, but I ran out of time. However, I did get the decal made, so you can make your very own Nutcracker!

Click to view full size.

Here is a quick rendering of how a Nutcracker minimate might look:

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

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  1. randomreveiwers123 says:

    hi i got my first early present yesterday it was MINIMATES my first set iron man through the ages box i love it my favorite one is modular armour thank you for your help so much this website is the only thing ive been getting on for the last 4 weeks for information THANKYOU