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Custom Black Tom Minimate

When I was making my Black Tom custom Minimate, I picked his most well-known costume that included a v-neck top with a high collar. There have been Minimate collar pieces made in the past (Disco Dazzler, one of the Ghost Riders, and others), but I needed to make 30 of these customs, and I didn’t have enough pre-made collar pieces for that. At first, I tried cutting a thin piece of plastic, and gluing it around the top of the MInimate torso in a wide arc. The problem is that the plastic wants to come uncurled, so even my strongest super glue wouldn’t hold it – the plastic would pop off around the sides, and go back to its uncurled state. And even if it had worked, it would have left a lumpy superglue trail along the bottom of the collar.

I came up with a two hole design that would force the plastic to stay curved. I felt like I had seen something like this before, but I couldn’t remember what it was from until Hellpop over at the Minimate Multiverse reminded me that Lego capes function this same way. And although it would be possible to paint these, I ended up using thin black plastic instead.

Here is a template that you can use to make a high collar for your own custom Minimates:

Minimate Collar (PDF)

Minimate Collar (AI)

Minimate Collar (JPG)

Minimate collar template

The first step is to print out the template on plain paper, and then trace the design with a permanent pen on a piece of clear plastic (such as Minimate packaging).

Minimate collar

Now you have a working plastic collar that you can use as a stencil to make collars on colored plastic. Each time I made another collar for Black Tom, I would trace the clear plastic stencil collar onto a sheet of thin black plastic. This particular plastic is sold at office supply stores as a back cover for reports.

Minimate collar

After you cut this out, you can either cut out the neck joint openings with a sharp hobby knife, or you can use a 3/16” hole punch. I bought mine at a local craft store in the scrap booking section.

Minimate collar

After punching or cutting out the holes, your collar will look something like this:

Minimate collar

If you can’t find the color plastic that you want, it is possible to use clear plastic and paint it. But I wouldn’t recommend painting it flat, because the paint could crack when the piece curves after you put it around the neck peg.

Minimate collar

After you put it on the neck peg, it will look lopsided, but once you put the head on, it straightens out:

Minimate collar

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


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