Minimates of CustomCon Past

I know you are all working hard on your Black & White Contest entries, but don’t forget that CustomCon is right around the corner! I thought I would take a brief look back at some of the amazing minimate entries that have been submitted to previous CustomCon events:

  1. DC Minimates (CustomCon 10)
  2. Iron Cow Minimates (CustomCon 10)
  3. Marvel Minimates (CustomCon 10)
  4. Marvel Minimates (CustomCon 11)
  5. Marvel Minimates: The Bad Guys (CustomCon 11)
  6. Marvel Minimates (CustomCon 11)
  7. Comic Book Minimates (CustomCon 11)
  8. DC Minimates (CustomCon 13)
  9. Marvel Minimates Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4 (CustomCon 13)
  10. Superfriends (CustomCon 13)
  11. Minimate Maniacs (CustomCon 15)
  12. Gen13 Minimates (CustomCon 16)
  13. X-Statix Minimates (CustomCon 18)
  14. Great Pulp Heroes (CustomCon 19)
My apologies if I missed any entries – that was alot of customs to sort through! There were definitely some jaw-dropping customs submitted in the past. I am still finishing up my set of four figures for CustomCon 22. I hope some of you are able to enter!

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1 Response

  1. MINI-MYTE says:

    Well, I haven’t seen these in a while. I can lay claim to numbers 1, 3, 7, 8 and 9. I sure did make some good money selling these with my namor and namorita fetching quite a high price for customs. Man… I gotta start these again.