Minimates With Real Textures – Cool or Creepy?

Last week I was working on a new set of stickers, and I had a crazy idea – what would Minimates look like if they had real textures? I decided to spend a little time in Photoshop and find out for myself.

I started with one of the Minimate designs on the coloring pages on I found some nice clothing and skin textures online to use for the body. I used a photo of myself, since I didn’t want to warp anyone else’s face beyond recognition. After much trimming, shading, and highlighting, here is the result:

Click to view larger image!

So what do you think – cool or creepy? Personally, I am leaning towards creepy, but perhaps that is just because I was the subject of this deformation!

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16 Responses

  1. Jatta Pake says:

    Cool but the nose area appears too light or something.

    Definitely more cool than creepy although I think running the textures through the cartoonizer app would be even more interesting.

  2. Jcastick says:

    It’s an interesting look. I’d go without the fingers though, that parts just doesn’t seem to work for me but the rest looks pretty decent on a mate.

  3. buttheadsmate says:

    I’d love one of myself although I doubt anyone would recognise it as me if it had no nose.

  4. Bob says:

    It is kind of funny, but I don’t really like it. Too much details don’t really work on the block style. At least that’s what I think.

  5. Boyd says:

    I dunno – the texture for the jeans and shirt are OK, but the face is a little creepy. Like someone tried to make a skin mask out of another person’s face, and stretched it out too far.

  6. groundhog7s says:

    I think it’s creepy, but that’s probably because I think Luke’s a little creepy.

  7. Moo says:

    I’m going to have to go with CREEPY! lol

  8. Shamrock says:

    Creepy gets my vote

  9. Luke314pi says:

    It sounds like the general consensus is that we should either kill it with fire, or nuke it from space. 🙂

  10. Bob says:

    As long it has your face, right. 😉

  11. Moo says:

    Poke it with a stick!

  12. Fujis says:

    I vote COOL! Neat idea Luke.

  13. Jenny says:

    I agree with Boyd — OK for the clothing but no for the skin. Makes me think of what Buffalo Bill wanted to do in SotL.

    *gave self the creeps & runs off*

  14. Freddie says:

    I LOVE IT! I think it look cool. I want one of myself!

  15. CaptainMinimate says:

    I think it’s cool, as long as they have that think border! Very interesting idea. Have you tried making it an actual figure? That’d be pretty interesting as well! 🙂

  16. Turtle says:

    Creepy. So very creepy. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.