Mixing Paint

I read my previous post on paint again, and realized I didn’t really mention mixing paint at all. I have a few tips I wanted to share with you. Keep in mind that most of my experience is with both the Model Masters and basic paint varieties offered by Testors.

First of all, I would not recommend mixing paint between brands. I have a few jars of Tamiya paints, and when I mixed them with Model Masters the resulting coat was permanently sticky. Also never mix acryl and enamel paints. Generally acryl paints work better for minimates, but metallic paints have a nicer finish with the enamel paints.

When you do mix colors, sometimes you get unexpected results. I have mixed blue and red and gotten brown before. I switched to slightly different shades of red and blue, and got a nice royal purple. Some colors have more pigment in the paint than others, and its impossible to know what will work until you try it. I can tell you that all of the types of black paint offered by Testors tend to have alot of blue pigment in it. Your dark yellows will look slightly green. I balance this with a touch of red paint, depending on what shade I want.

One color that is very difficult to achieve is the minimate flesh color. Model Masters has three different shades of flesh colored paint, but none of them match the minimate flesh color. I have found the following mix works best: 1 drop of bright red, 1 drop of yellow, a miniscule amount of black, and add white until you get the right amount of brightness. You wouldn’t expect the black to be in there, but it works. 

You can buy empty jars of paint, and keep your own mixes in them. I made a jar of flesh colored paint to use over and over again. This is also useful if you are painting a large figure that will need multiple coats, as it can be difficult to mix the exact same shade twice.

That’s all for today. Good luck out there!

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2 Responses

  1. TBT says:

    Citadel “elf flesh” is a pretty good match for minimate flesh paint. Not the cheapest but def good paints.

  2. Luke314pi says:

    I will have to order some Citadel paints to try out. The hobby shops in Minneapolis don’t carry it.