More free decals!

I am happy to bring you more free minimate decals! I added several highly requested decals to my gallery, including the Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey chest pictured above. Other notable entries include ROM the Space Knight, some new lanterns, and 3 versions of Atomic Robo. Hellpop also brings us more of his high quality designs with several new decals. And I am happy to announce a new contributor to the Minimate Factory! Brad has a shiny new gallery here with 9 awesome decals for you to download.

The new sticker paper I have been using for the last few months is now available in the store! Unfortunately it is for laser printers only. There is no compatable inkjet version at this time, but the manufacturer is working on it! If anyone needs assistance with printing decals, feel free to drop me an email. 🙂

Our next update will focus on a new sculpting tool to help with hair!

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