More LED Tips

I thought I would provide a few more tips in case you wanted to tackle an LED project of your own. It is a time consuming process, but there is nothing quite like seeing the minimate light up when you are all finished.

  1. If you have never soldered before, here is a good soldering guide.
  2. The soldering kit I purchased from Radio Shack can be found here.
  3. Be very careful with the soldering iron, as they get extremely hot! I burned myself three times while wiring the Human Torch.
  4. If you don’t have a wire stripper (which I don’t), here is how to strip a wire with a hobby knife.
  5. Most smaller LEDs require 3V to light up. I used 3V batteries for my Human Torch, but you can also use two 1.5V batteries, which are smaller in diameter.
  6. You should scratch the surface of the battery with a hobby knife before soldering wire to it. This will help the flux get a good grip on the battery.
  7. Test everything before you start soldering. You don’t want to put everything together and have a bad wire somewhere in the chain.

That should help you get started. I plan on making a video soon that shows this entire process. I will also be making a different video that shows a minimate custom being made from start to finish.

Also, I have added Winkerbean’s decals to the downloads page. Thanks Winkerbean!

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