New Free Decals!


It’s time for another free decal update! I have added 9 new decals to my gallery, including Silvermane pictured above, as well as some characters from Aliens, Harry Potter, and Marvel Comics. I have also opened up an entirely new gallery for my friend TENIME_art. One of the great things about his gallery is that most of the decals are available as both a white paper and clear paper option. You can check out his gallery under the Decal menu at the top navigation bar.

When I unveiled my Aliens Decal Kit at the Minimate Multiverse, my friend karamazov80 suggested that I add an alien autopsy decal to the kit. The kit was already finished at that point, so I am releasing it here for free! Here are the decals in the two different alien colors featured in the kit:

I hope you enjoy the new decals! Our next update will include more free decals, but they will be part of a larger article.

One last thing is that I am still in the process of getting the new polyester film (sticker) paper in bulk for the store. Until I am able to do that, if you need some decals printed, and would like to try this new paper, shoot me an email and we can work something out. It really is a nice product!

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