New Tutorial: How to Sculpt Hair


I added a new tutorial on how to sculpt minimate hair to the Tutorials section at the top menu. I used Wonder Girl and Kid Flash as examples, and there are plenty of work-in-progress photos. I have had several requests for a tutorial like this, and I live but to serve. 🙂


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2 Responses

  1. Mini-Myte says:

    Great tutorial Luke. Sculpting hair can be such a B!tch sometimes. Another tip for sculpting hair on a face you don’twant to ruin is tightly twist seran wrap around you minimate head and then sculpt away. After you putty or miliput has hardened, the hairpiece should just pull away from the head free and clear with no harm to your headpiece. This is agreat method to use if you’re trying to add bangs to an existing hairpiece.