On the Workbench: Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy Work in Progress


For some reason I have always been reluctant to post work-in-progress photos. I like waiting until the final product is finished – when everything looks as good as I can make it look. But I realized that I enjoy seeing other people’s work-in-progress pics, and it makes seeing their final product even more fun, so why not do it with mine? I think I am going to make this a regular feature here at the Factory. First up is Solomon Grundy!

I officially “retired” from making commission customs about a year ago. However it was a crazy year, and I am still catching up on orders. So there will be many commission customs posted here. This particular order has about 8 figures in it. One of them is Solomon Grundy. I am more of a Marvel guy, but I have read plenty of Batman comics, so I have spotted the occasional Grundy appearance. I made a 2.5″ custom of him a few years back, but for this one I wanted to switch it up and do a modern bulked-up 2″ Minimate.

As you can probably tell from the picture, I used the Hulk from Best of Marvel Minimates Series 2 as my base figure. I used vinyl adhesive film for his face and chest. Hulk’s torn pants were a perfect fit for Grundy, but his feet needed some shoes. I added them with Fixit Sculpt, and gave him some torn sleeves as well. Now that his chest sticker is in place, I can sculpt on his overcoat. I also need to pick out a hair piece. Then I can start painting!

I am making an extra custom of him to put up on ebay. I will post the details here once he is finished. Thanks for looking!

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