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All About Paint

When I first started making customs I used the cheap Testor’s Enamel paint that you could buy just about anywhere. Unfortunately it doesn’t bond well to certain types of plastic, and I ended up with several customs that had a permanent sticky texture. I graduated to Model Masters Acryl, the higher end brand from Testor’s, and I have been using that exclusively for the last six years.

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Tough Customs: The Blob

The Tough Customs series will show a step-by-step process on how to make some of the more unusual minimate customs. One of my first customs was The Blob. I sanded down a Kingpin body, painted it, threw on a hairpiece, and called it good. That custom has slowly been pushed back to the rear of my display in favor of more visually appealing minimates. A few weeks ago I decided to make a new Blob minimate to replace my old one. I knew I wanted to give him more girth everywhere, including the arms and legs. I decided to take a 2.5” minimate and shorten it to a 2” size.

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