Paint Washes Tutorial

Today’s post comes from Punisher on MMV, and it is definitely worth your time. I think he got some great results, and I am already planning on doing some paint washes when I have the time.

Hey all, it’s Punisher here again with another tutorial. This time, I am going to teach you how to apply paint washes to the more detailed sculpted minimates like the new Halo series. Let’s begin.

First, what you need:

  • Your paint (I recommend using cheaper bottle paint because it works just as well as hobby paint in this case)
  • About a cm of water in a cup you can mix
  • A large bristle brush
  • Paper towels
  • The minimate you’re painting

(click any image to view a larger version)

Now, there are two ways you can apply washes; and determining which one you’d like to do is you preference on how thick/shaded you want your wash to appear.

The first way, is the way you might be familiar with. In this method, you will be applying a watered down paint to the minimate.

For the first step, mix about three squirts of paint into the water.

Then dab your brush into the mixture and apply it all over the minimate. Now leave the minimate to dry. The paint will seep into the cracks only, and it’ll dry that way. If there’s any paint on the minimate that’s unwanted, just wipe it off with the paper towel.

The second way, is my personal preference. It’s much easier, but many may not like the style of it. Basically, all you have to is paint the whole figure the color you want to do the wash. Then all you do is wipe the paint off with paper towel. It get’s all the detail, but leaves a much darker look.

A comparison. The watered down on the left, and the wiped on the right:

Both Vallejo and Citadel make pre-made washes:

They work great (just apply and wait until they dry)!

Washes look great on the New Halo mates and the Ironman mates too:

And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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