Photoshop Decal Tutorial is Finished


Has your Illustrator trial expired? Do you already own Photoshop Elements? Did you just happen to find a loose CD on the ground in a parking lot with PHOTOSHOP CS4 written on it in black permanent marker? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Using the most basic Photoshop tools, you can create the Doom 2099 face decal pictured above. Then you will be able to use this knowledge to create whatever decals your heart desires. Don’t forget to offer up some of your masterpieces to the Factory, so other customizers out there can expand their collections as well. 🙂

The new tutorial can be found under the Tutorials button at the top menu. Enjoy!

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6 Responses

  1. Twisted Two-face says:

    For those with only Elements, like me, yes this tutorial still works and all (or almost all) icons/”keys” are there.

    Luke, this is such a great tutorial for us Photoshoppers, so thanks a lot. And yes; my Illustrator Trial has expired. 😛

  2. SErge says:

    Yes finally Thanks Luke, been waiting for this one for weeks!

  3. Captain Minimate says:

    AWwwwwwWWww…. I wish I had those…. Can you try to do it with GIMP please??? 🙁

    That would help if you could post a tutorial… thanks 🙂

    • Luke314pi says:

      You should be able to do the exact same thing in the GIMP. The tools for the lasso, paint bucket, eraser, eyedropper, and the rectangular and circle marquees look and perform identically.

  4. Captain Minimate says:

    Hmm I think I’ll see if I can do it then… Although I AM downloading the trial version of Photoshop CS4 right now. 🙂

  5. TM2 Dinobot says:

    Thanks for the help!