Possible Customs from Upcoming Minimates


I haven’t made one of these lists in a while, but I started to get inspired by all of the amazing Minimates we are getting this Spring and Summer. Some of these are simple part swaps, while others will require some heavy customizing. If you have any other ideas, post them in the comments below!

Comic Mandarin using Movie Mandarin

The outfit on the Iron Man 3 Mandarin figure looks amazing, and is similar to some of the costumes he has worn in the comic. Although we already have an excellent comic-based Mandarin, I would welcome another version of him on my shelf. As you can see in my Photoshopped image above, the comic Mandarin head on the movie Mandarin body makes for a very striking Minimate!


Deathlok using Cyborg Spidey

Cyborg Spidey is from a story that featured Deathlok, so this custom makes a lot of sense. Spidey’s arm will be perfect here, and you can swap it to the other side and have the elbow bend correctly simply by removing a small piece of plastic by the elbow. Just look at the articulated side of any normal Minimate arm to see what I mean. Add some parts from Series 47 Colossus and you are getting close! I have wanted a Deathlok Minimate for years, and he doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate for an official Minimate anytime soon, so I plan on making one after this figure is released.


Sharon Carter using Maria Hill

Stegron01 on the Minimate Multiverse first pointed out that the Shanna the She Devil head would look great as Sharon Carter on the Maria Hill body. I think this is a great idea for a quick custom, and will produce a very important Marvel character at a low cost.


Final Armor Onslaught using Onslaught

I loved the Onslaught story when I was a kid, and I would love to have both versions of Onslaught on my shelf. Although the final armor version will require some sculpting, most of the base figure can be reused. This custom is definitely towards the top of my priority list once this figure is released.

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  1. Nessex says:

    If only Maria Hill was the army builder instead of the variant!