Possible Customs from Upcoming Waves


Its that time again. New minimates have been shown, and my head is spinning at the possibilities. Here are a few customs that are possible with parts from upcoming minimates:

Final Battle T-1000

This figure would make an amazing Battle Damaged Sandman. I liked the idea so much I had to create a photoshop rendering of it, as seen above. This same idea could also be applied to Hydroman, or any other liquid-based hero or villain.


Like many people over at the Multiverse, I thought of Conan right away. And he would work well for both the comic version and the movie version. He could also be used for similar characters like Kull the Conquerer.


The Logan minimates in wave 26 have an amazing Hugh Jackman likeness. You could create other Hugh Jackman characters like Van Helsing (grab Sabertooth’s coat) and Robert Angier from The Prestige. You can also paint his jacket red and use it for a James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.


To me, his body is screaming for a Hand Ninja repaint to go with those nice katanas. Also, as with Logan, you could make other Ryan Reynolds characters like Hannibal King from Blade Trinity and George Lutz from The Amityville Horror remake. His expression is all wrong for a Van Wilder minimate, but I would love to see one!


This Blob minimate could easily be modified to a comics-accurate one. Paint the chest piece black with a flesh-colored opening at the top. Paint the waist piece black with a yellow belt. Give him Namor’s legs and arms (arm bands painted black). Paint his hair brown and use Goof Off to remove the extra pock marks on his face.

The base could be used for other portly Marvel characters like Gatecrasher and Brother Tode. Make him some tiny robotic legs and you could have your very own Mojo.

How about you? Got any other ideas?

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2 Responses

  1. TM2 Dinobot says:

    I thought of that Sandman thing, except I used the sand base as well.

  2. MINI-MYTE says:

    Wow! Never occured to me that the final battle T-1000 would make for a great Sandman custom. That torso would also suit Mr. Fantastic recreating the scene in Secret Invasion when he got blasted by a Skrull.