Possible Customs from Upcoming Waves

SDCC gave us another look at some upcoming Minimates, so the time had come to once again take a look at some customizing possibilities. As always, if you can think of any more, make sure to post your ideas in the comments!


Thing from the upcoming Marvel Minimates Series 37 would be a perfect base for Korg from Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. You could use an extended Minimate head, such as the one Leader or Sinestro had, or even sculpt your own to match the rocky texture of the Minimate. Out of all the customs on this list, this is the one I am most excited to make.

Curt Connors

This is a very obvious choice, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. I don’t think DST will ever make him, and it should be a relatively easy custom to make using Lizard as the base. For his missing arm, you might be able to get by without any sculpting – just carve the arm above the elbow joint into a pinned sleeve shape using a hobby knife.  There are several existing heads and hairpieces that could potentially work for Curt, which will also speed up the process. This is another must-make for me.


I’m sure many X-Men fans thought of her as soon as they saw the upcoming 6-armed Spider-Man in Series 37. Do you think DST will make her? I am guessing it will be a long time if they do. You will notice I didn’t add the Doppelganger Spider-Man to this list. I would bet money that we will see him in the next year or two, so I wouldn’t bother making him yet.

Classic Servo Guard

There is an even more old school version of the Doombot (Servo Guard) than the one we are getting. As you can see in the image above, the original Servo Guards had a different color scheme, and looked more human. Hardcore Fantastic Four fans might want to take the time to make this alternate version.

Leonidas from 300

Fujis from the Minimate Multiverse pointed out how the upcoming Atlantean Soldier from the TRU Fantastic Four wave would work perfectly as a base for Leonidas from the movie (or comic) version of 300. Personally I haven’t read or seen this yet (shame on me, I know) but from images I have seen it looks like a perfect fit!

Armored-up Magneto

If you have read X-Men Omega, the conclusion to the Age of Apocalypse, you will probably remember an awesome scene where Magneto pulls some copper out of the ground to fashion himself a suit of armor for his battle with Apocalypse. I would love to recreate this in Minimate form using the AoA Magneto as a base. His new head with the glowing red eyes would also look great under the Villains Box Set Magneto.

Apocalpyse (AoA Final Battle Version)

I won’t spoil what happens to Apocalypse in X-Men Omega. If you have read it, you will definitely remember his fate. I can’t be the only one who would like to see this scene recreated with a spare AoA Apocalypse minimate, and the Magneto mentioned above.  🙂

What other customs can you think of for any upcoming minimates?

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