Quick Customs


One of the best features that all minimates have is the ability to swap some or all of their parts with other minimates. Many new characters can be created by a few simple part swaps. Minimate fans have been making these quick customs for years now. I recently made the Mercy Graves quick custom posted above. She uses Blackhawk’s hat, Wasp’s head, Marisol’s legs, and Red Skull’s body, arms, and feet.

Lurch77 over at the Minimate Multiverse has collected lists of hundreds of quick customs across all minimate lines. This is an incredible resource for easily making new characters for your collection. Follow the links below to see the collections:

Marvel (A-M) Quick Customs

Marvel (N-Z) Quick Customs

Marvel (New X-Men, Ultimate & Movie) Quick Customs

DC & Misc Quick Customs

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2 Responses

  1. Shamrock says:

    You know what quick custom needs to be made? M. Bison with Blackhawk’s hat.

  2. Hellpop says:

    You’re so right about quick customs, Luke. I daresay that this is my favorite thing about Minimates. I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying then cobbling together a character out of existing parts and having it look perfect. Well, okay, maybe doing all that painting and decal work is better, but I don’t know….