Review: Paint Remover Wipes

My friend recommended I try these Scrubs Paint Remover wipes on minimate customs. I picked up a set here when I was ordering some other items. They arrived last night, and I tested them on a Samwise Gamgee mate. Normally I use Goof-Off for removing paint, and these wipes work a little bit differently. They seem to remove the paint in layers instead of all at once like Goof-Off. When I used one of the wipes on Sam’s chest, it took off all the black lines first, but left the rest of the tampo intact. The surface was not affected at all. I rubbed for another 30 seconds, and the color tampo came off, leaving the blank chest underneath. Once again, the surface was not sticky, which can occasionally happen with Goof-Off (although the sticky surface can be rubbed off).

I tried using the wipes on a minimate with multiple colors painted on, thinking I could remove the color layers one at a time (which would have been nice for the Secret Invasion Beast), but the color all came off at once. Minimates must have the color tampo printed first at the factory, and then the black one. These wipes take the black tampo off first, then the color one. This might be a useful tool, depending on what base figures you are using for your specific custom.

The wipes have a stronger smell than Goof-Off, which has a strong smell to begin with. It took about twice as long to remove the tampo using the wipes, but we are still only talking about 2-3 minutes of work. The wipes are pretty tough, and could easily be used multiple times. After I was done using the wipes, I decided to read the instructions and warnings on the container (smart, huh?), and I was supposed to be wearing gloves while using the product, because it isn’t good for your skin. That seems to be the main downside.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Goof-Off, you might want to try the Scrubs Paint Remover Wipes.

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2 Responses

  1. Jatta Pake says:

    If I contract finger cancer, it is because I have been resin casting without gloves against the advice of the Warning Labels. I probably shouldn’t risk adding another chemical to my fingers, so gloves for me.

    I am tempted to try this to make some solid blanks. JP1000 could use more blank, solid color friends.

  2. TM2 Dinobot says:

    I also heard that Brasso works well for removing paint from transparent plastic without masking it foggy. I have yet to try it yet.