Custom Invasion and Other Updates!

We have a new decal contributor – jboogie! You can see some of his awesome decals on the Decals by jboogie page, including the Arnim Zola Red Skull chest pictured above. I also added several new decals to Rheul’s gallery page. A big thanks to both of you for contributing!

There is a new minimate customizer in town who has been creating quite a stir with his unique style. His name is Squall, and I have added his custom minimate site to our links section. I highly recommend you check it out! I also added Bob’s Astonishing Minimate Finds – a blog run by my friend Bob Harris that spotlights the very best customs from the Minimate community. And finally, I added minijeff’s Portrait of an Addiction site, which features minimate news, interviews, reviews, and some great photography!


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