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New Decals!

Time for some more free decals! I have added 9 new decals to my gallery, including the full set of 5th Element customs, such as the lovely Leeloo pictured above. The other new decals...

Tough Customs: The Diva

As you might have seen, I made a set of Fifth Element customs for CustomCon 27, including Korben Dallas, Leeloo, Zorg, and Diva blah, the star of this article. She was definitely the most challenging minimate in the set, and I took some pictures of her during her creation, so I could show you exactly how she was created.

Merry Christmas!

I am having a great Christmas so far (especially since my MMV Secret Santa surprised me with 9 custom minimates!) and I hope you are having a good one too! This was a crazy...

Zombie Skeleton Alien Ninja Ghosts??

Back when I announced my Skeleton Lords Decal Kit over at MMV, my friend groundhog7s said “I just want to know if we’ll ever see a decal set for Zombie Alien Ninja Ghost Skeleton Lords…” Well that day has arrived! I used bits and pieces from all of my previous decal kits to make the 4 characters below. My digital camera is currently out for repair, so you only get crappy cell phone pictures of the customs. But you also get high resolution decals that you can print and create your own Zombie Skeleton Alien Ninja Ghosts!

Decals and Updates!

I have a few smaller updates for you in this post, along with some cool new decals to keep you busy. The decal gallery has been updated with 33 amazing new decals from Eclipse...