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Tough Customs: Morbius

If you have been following my recent customs, you will know that I am on a Dr. Who kick right now. Right now I am finishing up a set of four aliens and monsters, including Morbius pictured above. If you are unfamiliar with the character, you can see a screenshot of his apearance in The Brain of Morbius here. Morbius had some unique challenges, so I decided to take some pictures during his creation.

Citadel vs Model Masters

After using Model Master Acryl paints almost exclusively for the last eight years, I recently switched to Citadel paints after several strong recommendations. Both of these brands are excellent, and would work great for minimate customs. However, I have noticed a few differences between them, and I wanted to share my findings with you.

Review: Paint Remover Wipes

My friend recommended I try these Scrubs Paint Remover wipes on minimate customs. I picked up a set here when I was ordering some other items. They arrived last night, and I tested them on a Samwise Gamgee mate. Click the title to read the results.

Tips and Tricks

I have been making a list of tips and tricks that I have come across since I started this blog last year. Some have come from readers like you, while others have come while working on new minimate projects. Now that i have this list posted, I can tear the page out of my notebook and start on a new list of tips and tricks that will be posted a few months down the road just like this one. Click the title to see the list.

Comparing Metallic Paints

If you have ever used metallic paints on a custom, you know that it isn’t fun. They don’t play by the same rules as normal paint, and the results aren’t always what you expected. I decided to do a side-by-side comparisson of three silver paints available at my local hobby shop. From left to right in the picture above the brands are Tamiya, Citadel, and Testors. This is the “vanilla” Testors silver. They also have a silver paint in their Model Masters brand, but I have used that before and this is a rare instance where their vanilla brand is far superior to its Model Masters counterpart. I will be comparing their finish, ease of clean-up, compatability with Sharpies, and durability. Click the title to read all the juicy details.