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Learning the Art of Molding and Casting

As you might have seen on my Facebook page, or over at the Minimate Multiverse, I am working on molding and casting a series of Minimate-sized dioramas. The first one is pictured above, and I will have at least 4 more dioramas ready to order in the next two weeks. This is a project I have had in the works for a few months, and most of that time was spent ironing out all of the kinks in the molding and casting process. I wanted to share part of that process with you today.

My Visit to Aves Studio

Aves Studio creates popular sculpting products like Apoxie Sculpt, Fixit Sculpt, and Critter Clay. They are one of the first companies I contacted as I was planning which products I would carry in my toy store. I got my first of many surprises when I found out that their base of operations was less than an hour away from me, just across the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. Instead of having my first shipment delivered, I decided to drive to Aves Studio in Hudson, Wisconsin and learn more about them.